Cyclist Gift Vouchers

Help a loved one, friend or colleague achieve their cycling goals with a cycling gift voucher for our services.  We will help them improve as a cyclist, and, unlike a new component or clothing, this gift can’t be the wrong size or brand!

Cycling gifts, gifts for cyclists, gift ideas, ChristmasYou can simply purchase a voucher for one of our services, as shown below, or we can customise this to your budget and interests.  Once you decide what service or the amount you would like to give, we’ll prepare the voucher and send it to you.

Here are the standard vouchers.  They’ll know exactly what service they are receiving, and you don’t need to let them know the cost.   Just give us a ring or use our contact form to discuss options or place your order.

  • Cycling Fitness Assessment & Technique Testing:  £125 – This will help them train more effectively and efficiently.  They’ll learn about their training zones, based on heart rate and power measurement.  They’ll also know their body composition and how their power to weight ratio compares to other cyclists and what is required to meet their goals.  We’ll analyse their pedal stroke and discuss training methods they can use to become more efficient.


  • Basic Coaching Bundle:  This includes the Cycling Fitness Tests & 3 months bespoke coaching:  £350 (normally £410).  We’ll help them evaluate their current fitness versus what is required to achieve their goals.  We’ll then build a strategy to get them where they need to be. We provide weekly bespoke training plans throughout the three months of coaching and monitor their progress.  We’ll then repeat the fitness test at the end of the period to measure the improvement made and discuss how they can continue to progress.
  • Saddle Pressure Mapping & Saddle Fit:  £95 – We have the latest technology to measure how pressure is distributed over the saddle while the cyclist is riding. That helps us ensure the most comfortable possible saddle is chosen, and they are positioned correctly on the saddle.  Saddle numbness is a serious problem for over a third of serious cyclists and most cyclists suffer discomfort to some degree after long hours in the saddle.  We have a wide range of saddle sizes and shapes they can test, and then they’ll be sure they have the best fit.
  • Dynamic Bike Fit:  £145 – A quality bike fit using motion capture video will help them be more comfortable, faster and less likely to get injured.  Even a 2 hour ride involves over 10,000 repetitive pedal strokes, so a quality bike fit is essential to avoiding repetitive strain injuries.  We work on the positioning of the cleats on their shoes, the saddle height and fore/aft adjustment, and the reach to and height of their handlebars.
  • Advanced Bike & Saddle Fit:  £195 – This is our most popular gift.  Most cyclists are uncomfortable on their saddle during longer rides, and riding on the nose of the saddle with pressure on the perineum can be a health risk. In addition to all the work we do in the dynamic bike fit, we use the gebioMized saddle pressure mapping system to ensure the rider is on the right part of the saddle and the saddle shape and design are ideal for them.