Fitness Testing

Cycling Fitness Testing give us an objective measure of your fitness and efficiency, including key thresholds measured in power and heart rate.   This helps you perform better with your current fitness, and it allows you to use structured training to improve!  Our advanced testing also utilises the Wattbike’s data capture, so we can analyse your pedal stroke to find asymmetries or other weaknesses, as seen in the diagram on the right.

With this information, we can develop the optimal training program to help you achieve your cycling and fitness goals.  It also gives you a realistic look at how your fitness compares with other rides.  Most importantly, we can assess – and then measure – the improvements required to achieve your goals.  If you want to ride a five hour century, then we can show you what improvement in your power/weight and endurance are necessary.

Off-the-bike Assessment
  • Height & weight
  • Body composition (% muscle, fat, water)
  • Resting heart rate
  • Blood pressure
On-the-bike Testing
  • Lactate threshold (by heart rate & power output)
  • Functional threshold power (FTP)
  • Functional threshold heart rate (FTHR)
  • Power to Weight comparison with other riders & the requirements for your objectives

Learn more about these thresholds here. ( Why are Functional Thresholds (FTP & FTHR) so important?)

Identifying your measured lactate threshold is complemented by identifying your Functional Thresholds. These are the maximum Power and Heartrate levels you are able to sustain for one hour.  We use the Wattbike to measure your power and heart rate throughout a 40 minute session designed to identify these important thresholds.  When you are performing at your best, you will be riding at these thresholds and allocating time to go above them (sprinting or breaking away) and below them (recovering for your next big effort).

A personalised version of Training Zone chart below is developed for you.  Your training program will be designed around these training zones, and it will help you improve your power relative to your heart rate and body weight across these zones.  Follow up tests will confirm the progress you’ve made and allow us to tweak your training plans to build on that improvement.  If we’ve identified weaknesses or asymmetries in your pedal stroke, then we’ll design specific sessions to improve your efficiency.