Cycle Coaching

Get more from your training time and improve your cycling technique. You benefit from analysis, training plans and technique coaching designed around your goals and objectives by a British Cycling-trained coach.

You can read the blog post, I’m not racing, so why do I need a cycling coach?, on the “why”, but here’s the “how”

Our cycle coaching starts with a discussion of your cycling goals and the time you have available for training.  We’ll help you evaluate the commitment and effort required to achieve your goals based on the results of your cycling fitness and technique assessment.  Once your goals are set, we build a plan, monitor progress, and update your plan week-by-week.

The cycling fitness assessment establishes your body composition (body fat, lean and water), training zones and pedalling efficiency.  For time crunched athletes, quality of training is vital, so we use structured training that sets out effort levels based on heart rate or power training zones for each training session.

We design week-by-week training programs that are customised to your schedule to systematically improve your cycling efficiency and performance.  A combination of targeted high intensity intervals during the week and longer endurance training on weekends is generally the most effective way to use your training time. You learn to understand your body’s thresholds and how it responds to work and recovery.  If we spot weaknesses in technique, such as right/left leg power asymmetry, we utilise specific training sessions to address them.

We maintain on on-going dialog with you, so we adjust your training each week based on the progress you’re making and the inevitable interruptions life imposes on your cycling.  We also provide advice on equipment, nutrition on and off the bike, clothing, and any other practical matters related to achieving your cycling goals.  

In our Advanced bundle, we organise rides together to focus on your techniques, such as descending, climbing, cornering, aerodynamics, eating and drinking on the bike, group riding, etc.  This also include an Advanced Bike and Saddle Fit to ensure you are getting the optimal balance of power, aerodynamics and comfort for your objectives.

Cycle Coaching & Training plans

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Standard Coaching Bundle
  • Goals & metrics definition.  Cycling fitness test. Strength/weakness analysis. Cycling technique analysis. Weekly customised training plans & on-going dialog and feedback.  £125 for initial consultation and testing and £95/month for a least 3 months. Follow up fitness tests are included each quarter, so we can track progress and fine tune your training.
Advanced Cycle Coaching Bundle
  • All the elements of the Standard Coaching Bundle + a monthly training ride with the coach for technique development, such as cornering, descending, pacing, aerodynamics, etc. It also includes weekly phone calls as well as regular dialog via your “shared” weekly plan document.  An advanced Bike and Saddle fit are also included to optimise your position for power, aerodynamics and comfort.  £125 for initial consultation/testing and £185/month for at least 3 months.