“Firstly I would like to say what a pleasure it was meeting and working with you. I really enjoyed the process. I have purchased the recommended saddle and completed 5+ short rides and 3 rides of notable distance up to 40miles. All with no discomfort as previously reported. I feel so much more at ease in the cockpit and suffer very little body fatigue.”
Matthew Simpson – March 2020

“In short – I don’t want to change a single thing about the bike now – it is set up perfectly for me, proof being I did the Copenhagen Ironman on 19 August and took 25 minutes off my time from the previous year and stayed in the aero position for about 90% of time – useful as it was quite a windy day. There were no significant back issues that I used to get, and my legs were a lot fresher for the run. I am delighted – 5* review! – many thanks for your help, it’s made a big difference to me.”
Steve Pate – September 2018

“I’ve clocked up a quite a few long rides (and some consecutive days of 50+ mile rides) on the new saddle and am very happy to report that I have had no issues with comfort, unlike with my previous saddle! I spent 6 and a half hours in the saddle on Sunday on a 100 mile, hilly sportive and had no issues so am confident the Diva Gel Flow saddle is a good fit for me.”
Laura Firth – May 2018

“We did the Wiggle New Forest Sportive 67mile route last Saturday. At the end of it I said to Martin “did you notice anything about that ride? Not once did I ask you to freewheel so I could get off the saddle!” So I think it’s fair to say the fit was a resounding success.”
Pauline Casey (tandem rider) – April 2018

“A hugely better and more thorough experience than any previous bike fits.”
Chris Mann – November 2017

“I just wanted to say thanks because I went out last night and beat my mate’s time on a Strava segment. He set 7:31 two years ago and has been trying to beat it ever since. The other day he did 7:32. Last night in the dark and with a fallen tree half way along it I did 7:08. Thank you so much!”
Matt Jones – September 2017

“Tom did a long ride yesterday and reported feeling comfortable and faster. He did not experience any discomfort or injuries. We are going to have a crack at the 100 on Sunday … Tom nailed his 100 and for gold standard. He said he felt good on the bike too!”
Bill Stringer – September 2017

“After all my efforts at trial and error with poor success, it is good to know that I am on the right track with your professional help and I intend to persevere with the set up and try to adopt a similar strategy with my other bike. A comment from one of the club members was that I was looking more relaxed and had I raised my handlebars (of course we actually dropped the saddle!). Thank you for your patience and delivering “what it says on the tin”.”
Graham Farrington – June 2017

“I had a bike fit with Royce at Velocity in advance of a three-day off-road coast-to-coast event. Despite riding for almost 30 hours over three days, the bike was really comfortable and the fit solved all saddle and back discomfort that I had been experiencing in training. I’d highly recommend Velocity.”
Simon Graham – June 2017

“Just a brief note to say thank you so much for the bike fit and your recommendation of shorter cranks. Andy got me some shorter cranks and had them fitted. I can only say the transformation is like night and day. I now no longer cycle at granny pace and hurt so much less. Also I feel so much more stable as a result of your changes and no longer feel as if I am going to fall off imminently!!”
Jane Martin – May 2017

“Just to let you know, I put the demons of The London 100 to bed yesterday by posting 4h46m – ave 20.6mph. Very pleased to get below 5hrs. All down the training methods and prep you taught me. Many many thanks mate!”
Jason Gaywood – August 2016

“Thanks Royce. I’m definitely feeling the benefits from the strength work on the bike. It’s really beginning to solve the weakness. Collecting a KOM and a few leaderboard positions this afternoon is further proof I’m getting fitter!.”
Tom Stockwell – March 2016

“I went out for a 2 hr spin yesterday afternoon and can honestly say it was the best ride I’ve had since taking up road cycling. I truly felt as one with the bike. May sound corny but I can’t wait to get out again. Before I turned up for the bike fit I had visions of my bike been drastically altered, different stem, cranked seat post etc. It’s amazing that with just the slightest of adjustments it makes such a huge difference.”
Sean Magee – December 2015

“I just wanted to let you know that the ride to Paris was a great success. I felt no discomfort at all from any part of my body after 3 days in the saddle. Just the expected fatigue from pushing myself.I want to thank you for the work you did and to let you know I will be recommending your services to my friends.”
James Nicholson – July 2015

“Thank you so much for your time, my bike felt really good to ride, as well as being more comfortable it was also a lot smoother and quicker to ride.”
Hilary Baker – May 2015

“Just thought I would let you know that Jayne and I completed the 120k Lainston Hose Sportive today, by far the longest ride we have done with no issues, other than very tired limbs. The bike position was much more efficient and allowed me to sit back in the saddle at all times and to stay in the drops for long periods. I also noticed that my glutes were working much harder than normal.I believe the more efficient riding position contributed to us achieving what for us was a respectable average speed.”
Simon Pritchard – April 2015

“Despite having a couple of reasonably comprehensive bike fits in the past, I suffered from a persistent saddle sore, numbness in the groin on rides of 4+ hours, and an extremely annoying tendency to ‘bob’ while working hard in the saddle. (much to the amusement of other members of my club). Royce took an extremely detailed approach to identifying the root cause of my issues, and understanding the sort of riding I do and my goals for the coming year. The saddle pressure test immediately highlighted a significant issue with my placement on the saddle resulting on me sitting too far forward, and significantly favouring one sit bone. The final step of the bike fit was video analysis. Once again this analysis highlighted minor adjustments required to the bar position, seat height, and cleat position – in isolation the changes were minor, however together resulted in a smoother pedal stroke and more comfortable position on the bike, allowing me to sustain a higher workload for longer periods.Since the changes have been applied to my bikes I have not suffered any numbness on longer rides, the persistent saddle sore is no more, and most importantly I have stopped ‘bobbing’ while working hard seated!Thanks to Royce at Velocity for your time and patience, apparently not all bike fits are equal!!!!”
Lee Dalton – March 2015

“I’m enjoying the structure this is giving me so far – is exactly what I was looking for and helping to instill some discipline and forcing me to fit things around everything else that’s going on. It’s a lot easier to do when you have some goals/purpose! There is no chance I otherwise would have gone out in the 0 degree drizzling rain this morning, for example….”
John Millward – January 2015

“Thank you so much for this report and the bike fit, which I thought was excellent. I believe that it has highlighted the possible cause of injuries sustained during other sports as a result of the differences in my leg length. I have discussed this with my osteopath and now have a raised heel on my right foot! Hopefully this and continued strengthening exercises will improve my performance!”
Melanie E. – November 2014

“You’re a genius! I did a 20 mile ride with my sister-in-law and then popped out for a 60 miler and had absolutely no lower back pain.” “Quick update on the bike fit, as it has proved very successful. I completed the 112 mile ride in the Challenge Weymouth Ironman in under 6 hours!”
Dan Brasier – September 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for your time in setting up my bike. Given the variable conditions of the (RideLondon) weekend, it was the most comfortable I have felt on my bike. Knee held up and less numbness in my feet and hands. It made such a difference, and I felt I could keep cycling whereas before I have been so uncomfortable.
Sarah S. – August 2014

An update: As planned I rode my 100 mile event at the end of July, and, as predicted by the training results, I did achieve my goal. I believe it was Royce’s knowledge, support and enthusiasm that guided me there. I recommend talking to Royce about your cycling goals – there will be some hard work along the way, but the results are really satisfying.
Dave Fairey – August 2014

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help and guidance. I have been cycling now for nearly 18 years with little improvement. Since joining your training in January and having my bike fitted properly, the improvements have been tremendous. I did the Liege-Bastogne-Liege spring classic this year, which I could not have contemplated without the focussed training program you supplied along with your advice and encouragement.
Peter Condon – June 2014

I have been working with Royce as my coach since February. We discussed and agreed a set of goals consisting of weight loss and performance goals. Royce has guided my training through the supply of personal weekly training plans. I have exceeded my weight loss goal – losing over 10kg and keeping it off. Based on current performance timing, I will exceed my performance goal at the end of July improving my 100 mile time by over 25%. On Strava I am now find myself regularly in the top 20%. I am thrilled and surprised by the progress that has been possible with Royce’s support and knowledge.
David Fairey (56) – June 2014

On my first visit with Royce, he changed the set up on the bike by recommending and supplying a replacement, shorter stem. This small change has made a huge difference to my ability to stay in the drops much longer than before.  I have no discomfort in the shoulders, as I am no longer over-reaching. Staying aero for longer will go a long way to help me reach my target time in Ride London this year.
Robert Metcalf – June 2014

The time spent with you has helped to understand what my fitness levels are, and knowing my baseline and my maximum capacity has allowed me to really measure the improvements in my training based on specific information. The Wattbike analysis showed how I can improve my pedal stroke technique by “scraping the mud off”, and this has translated into more power through each turn of the pedal. The knowledge gained in your session has improved my confidence in my ability and to look forward to achieving my aims this year.
Dina Ollington – June 2014

I’m a relatively novice road cyclist, and Royce set up my bike and cleats properly.  His changes have eliminated the knee pain I had developed, and I’ve been able to finish my first 80 mile sportive pain-free.
Graeme Price – May 2014