Bike Saddle Fitting

Stop “saddle roulette”

Saddle FittingBike saddle fitting is far too important to rely on “Saddle Roulette”, so we take a scientific approach to identifying the ideal set up for you.  gebioMized’s Saddle Pressure Mapping shows exactly how a saddle fits you.  The examples on the left show a rider greatly reducing their peak pressure by simply moving back on their saddle. Without pressure mapping, another bike fitter won’t know if you are sitting correctly on the saddle or not!  Your saddle may be OK, but your position on it may not be.

Saddle pressure mapping during bike fit Velocity Sports Cycling is one of only five UK locations with saddle pressure mapping
CyclingPlus magazine recently evaluated six different approaches to saddle fitting, and Velocity Sports Cycling’s approach with gebioMized saddle pressure mapping (pictured right) was found to be the best.  It takes the guess work out of understanding how your pressure is distributed on the saddle while you’re riding.  Read the full article from the UK’s top cycling magazine here. saddle fit competition

The pressure mapping is done while you are riding on your own bike 
We evaluate your position while you’re riding in all positions, including hoods, drops and TT bars. Adjusting your position on the saddle, the saddle angle, the saddle fore/aft position, and saddle tilt are degrees of freedom we can use with your current saddle.  If none of those actions achieve our objective, we carry an extensive library of test saddles from leading brands

  • Specialized
  • Fizik
  • Selle Italia
  • Selle SMP
  • Bontrager
  • Brooks

We can also work with gebioMized to have completely bespoke saddles built for our customers.  This finds the perfect shape and combination of padding densities to make you comfortable. Check out this video and see how gebioMized saddle pressure mapping will revolutionise the way we set up your current saddle or help you select your next one.