About Us

Your coach is British Cycling trained and certified to the top level (Level 3), and our bike fit and coaching technology and methods are state-of-the-art.  The founder of Velocity Sports Cycling is Royce Murphy, a life long cyclist who is now dedicated to helping others achieve their cycling goals.

Royce’s education is in science and engineering with a Bachelors of Science degree from Purdue University (in the USA).  He then went on to earn an MBA at Harvard University and pursued a career in high technology.  He is now able to focus full time on cycling, and he is a British Cycling Level 3 certified coach.   Your training plan, bike fit and fitness assessment will not be guess work or second hand advice.

Royce’s own cycling achievements include cycling 4,470 miles across the USA, earning the Gold standard in multiple Sportives, and climbing the greatest mountains in the Tour de France.  The photo, left, is from the 2015 Fred Whitton Challenge in the Lake District. In 2016, Royce road from Bristol to Istanbul.

Royce has also ridden mountain bikes coast-to-coast across the UK and north-south across Switzerland. When not on his bike, he has completed the London, Paris and Boston marathons.

Read more about Royce’s background and ride across America here blog – Back in the USA , and here The blog about 2016’s ride across Europe.

TransAmerica 2008 Route